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Sun 13° Gemini 26' 10"
Moon 15° Sagittarius 19' 18"
Mercury 19° Taurus 43' 51"
Venus 28° Cancer 46' 43"
Mars 08° Leo 26' 44"
Ceres 26° Virgo 23' 14"
Pallas 13° Leo 50' 20"
Juno 19° Gemini 27' 51"
Vesta 22° Taurus 05' 44"
Jupiter 04° Taurus 05' 57"
Saturn 07° Pisces 03' 43"
Chiron 18° Aries 57' 20"
Uranus 20° Taurus 22' 53"
Neptune 27° Pisces 29' 46"
Pluto 00° Aquarius 06' 41" 
TrueNode 03° Taurus 29' 53" 

Venus Arrives in Pisces

Venus Arrives in Pisces - Transformative Compassion

"I think people have their picture of God all wrong. I think God is like a simple gorilla. And when he pulls up to you on his scooter and says, "Hello, it's me, Dr. Herman god. Let's blast off to the moon," you simply have to accept the charges."

— John Lennon

By the end of this week, Mercury's direct motion takes it back to a third square to Chiron and a third trine to Uranus. Under last Saturday's mind-expanding Aquarius New Moon (12:53 PM PST 1° Aquarius), Mercury's transit back through it's retrograde shadow offers especially powerful new perspectives. We have opportunities to sort through our ideas and inspiration with more hope of setting clear, orderly priorities. Real wisdom begins to develop and our ability to move forward is enhanced by the direct station of Uranus on Sunday. There are certain to be surprising obstacles to navigate and hurdles to overcome. However, our capabilities are also surprisingly enhanced. The power at our fingertips has an almost 'sorcerer's apprentice effect' that could quickly overwhelm us if we aren't balancing our actions with careful consideration. Nonetheless, perspectives are expanding quickly and we are beginning to see new ways to achieve solutions that may have once seem unworkable. Venus arrives in Pisces on Thursday, just ahead of the Mercury-Chiron square. We have important opportunities to release some of our deepest self-doubts and securities. Venus in Pisces infuses compassion in ways that show us how to transform our perspective from blame and recrimination to understanding and forgiveness — especially self-forgiveness. This week's expansion and potential for growth suggests a 'Midas touch' — with all of the promise and pitfalls which that might suggest. Even as we finally seem to gain a foothold, an undercurrent of tension is also likely to build this week. Our confidence builds but we will still need to pay close attention to our follow through. The expanding perspectives, inspiration, and 'vision' are all certainly important but tangible results still require consistent effort and focus. Bringing our vision, our plans, and our initiatives into form will inevitably bring us face to face with the reality of our individual limitations. Our expanding perspectives also reveal the need for sacrifice and adaptability even though the power of our intention reaches a peak of power this week.

Sunday's Venus-Saturn conjunction points to the need for some significant sacrifice. Unanticipated revelations may leave our egos quite vulnerable. We will need to dig deep on Monday in order to grasp the overall significance and the ramifications of what we do or plan to do. Intentions are powerful. Real wisdom is developing and we can see it on Tuesday. Expanded perspectives reveal new alternatives and solutions. Timing is enhanced on Wednesday. Excitement and optimism is encouraging. Our patience improves on Thursday. Steady effort is required but quite fruitful. We find a watershed of compassion on Friday for both ourselves and those around us. We can begin to see the folly of 'blame and recrimination'. Our new perspectives allow us to make better use of the swirl of ideas produced by the Mercury-Uranus trine. We need to stay focused on follow through and avoid the tension produced by the limitations that we run into.

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