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Sun 10° Cancer 07' 23"
Moon 11° Leo 33' 32"
Mercury 23° Gemini 50' 19"
Venus 10° Gemini 42' 13"
Mars 27° Aries 42' 31"
Ceres 20° Cancer 21' 37"
Pallas 28° Taurus 30' 00"
Juno 19° Pisces 45' 53"
Vesta 06° Pisces 45' 46"
Jupiter 07° Aries 33' 54"
Saturn 24° Aquarius 40' 20" 
Chiron 16° Aries 17' 57"
Uranus 17° Taurus 47' 04"
Neptune 25° Pisces 26' 20" 
Pluto 27° Capricorn 46' 46" 
TrueNode 21° Taurus 20' 09" 

Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice - High Hopes

"Didn't know how but I always had a feeling
I was gonna be that one in a million"

The optimism and excitement of last Tuesday's Sagittarius Full Moon (4:51 AM PDT 23° Sagittarius/Gemini) swirls around us this week. There is building ambition rising out of that optimism. A Venus-Pluto trine, early in the week brings a desire to deepen our connection with others with an eye towards strengthening our alliances and increasing our influence. The Sun's arrival in Cancer this Tuesday, marking the Summer Solstice, stirs an inclination to take quick action in order to further solidify our power and position. When Venus reaches Gemini on Wednesday, social interaction is encouraged and idealism begins to grow. Mercury makes one more sextile to Jupiter, opening the door to unexpected developments based upon a free exchange of information. The potential for new leaders to emerge has been building since last week. Idealism and ambition stir that potential this week but self-discipline is required. Leadership capabilities (and leadership ambitions) need to be grounded with a strong foundation and a clear platform of ideas. We have a number of chances to build that foundation this week if we are able to maintain a clear perspective and avoid building overly optimistic expectations. The key is to maintain our balance in the face of competing imperatives and responsibilities. Next Tuesday's Cancer New Moon (7:52 PM PDT 7° Cancer) will boost our energy and bring forward a strong drive to move ahead 'at speed'. In the meantime, we have the chance to better understand the perspective of others. We are quite likely to face significant challenges associated with competing ideas and agendas. Our emotions may become quite 'amped up' at times but as we move through the week, we get a dose of humility. We can't lead others if we aren't even able to maintain our own sense of purpose and direction. The importance of listening to and reflecting on a wide variety of input will helps us find opportunities for harmonious cooperation instead of conflict and competition.

Activity is stirred on Sunday but there is also uncertainty and nervousness. Intuition may be telling us that there are important elements that we aren't acknowledging. Sensitivities are heightened on Monday. We need to slow down enough to consider an approach that stabilizes our position. Tuesday's unexpected developments may lead us to believe that quick action is required. There is preliminary groundwork being laid but we shouldn't allow our confidence and optimism to build too quickly. Emotions are amped up on Wednesday. We may be tempted to push too hard. Idealism is building on Thursday but needs to be grounded by a strong foundation and clear platform of ideas. We are given a valuable dose of humility on Friday that helps us to recognize that we can't lead others if we aren't maintaining our individual sense of purpose and direction. Saturday offers opportunities to secure our foundation and check out any potential 'weak spots'. We need to listen to a wide variety of input.

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