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Sun 23° Aries 49' 00"
Moon 23° Gemini 54' 26"
Mercury 21° Aries 32' 36" 
Venus 10° Aries 01' 18"
Mars 16° Pisces 33' 36"
Ceres 18° Capricorn 38' 59"
Pallas 07° Sagittarius 43' 36" 
Juno 06° Virgo 32' 54" 
Vesta 03° Cancer 52' 13"
Jupiter 20° Taurus 03' 12"
Saturn 14° Pisces 56' 01"
Chiron 19° Aries 40' 20"
Uranus 21° Taurus 24' 24"
Neptune 28° Pisces 21' 01"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 51"
TrueNode 15° Aries 34' 57" 

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury in Aquarius - Free Thinking

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

— Eleanor Roosevelt

We are likely to be dealing with some emotional reluctance at the beginning of this week. Mercury in Aquarius frees our minds with excitement and innovation. However, many of us may not have quite caught up emotionally, keeping us cautious or lingering over attachments to the past. However, as Mercury rolls forward in Aquarius, it sextiles both Jupiter (by the end of this week) and Chiron (early next week), which spurs increased interest in expanding our capabilities through learning. We are slowly and gently drawn out of our emotional reluctance and gain interest in exploring the possibilities of the New World that is developing all around us. Prospects and possibilities stir our intellect. The Venus-Neptune conjunction on Wednesday opens our emotional/intuitive awareness to the enticing potential that lays just ahead. This powerful intellectual atmosphere is well grounded by a Sun-Saturn conjunction on Thursday, which keeps us from veering into clever intellectual manipulation or dreamy idealism. Perhaps the biggest challenge — or greatest opportunity — is to find ways to maintain continuity between the past (where we may still have some emotional attachments) and the future, which is developing quickly all around us — ready or not. In this environment, the continuity between the past and the future is incredibly powerful, something like an 'electrical circuit' that is powering the actions that we are taking in the present. We are empowered to use the wisdom and experiences of the past and join them with new lessons, new understanding, and the new opportunities that are being rolled out in front of us. This week offers us the opportunity to learn important lessons that will give us the capabilities which we will need in order to operate effectively in the new world that is just now beginning to come into view. The Sun arrives in Pisces at the end of the week, ahead of next Sunday's Pisces New Moon (11:05 PM PST 1° Pisces). The next lunar cycle will help us integrate our experiences from the past with this week's new lessons, new understanding, and new capabilities. The merging of past wisdom with new insights can create a sense of continuity that will serve us well when we find ourselves in the new territory we are just now beginning to see on the horizon.

Emotional reluctance seems to hold us back on Sunday. However, we may actually be wise to use some degree of caution in order to verify or strengthen our foundations. Early on Monday, our self-confidence may be rather weak. Nonetheless, we can cover a great deal of ground as we move through the day, moving from cautious uncertainty towards a much more hearty embrace of new ideas, new perspectives, and new directions. There is an unmistakable boost of energy and self-confidence on Tuesday. Our emotional approach is also less cautious or hesitant. Some may display a high level of genius. We may find ourselves dealing with some perfectionism on Wednesday. The atmosphere is unpredictable and it may be challenging to gain enough clarity to respond meaningfully to surprises. Thursday's Sun-Saturn conjunction provides a self-correction mechanism that supports steady growth and helps us avoid going too far astray in search of new approaches. We find extraordinary power by linking the experience of the past with the potential of the future. We are especially interested in learning new approaches and gaining new capabilities on Friday. The enthusiasm is contagious.. The Sun's arrival in Pisces on Saturday helps us begin to merge the wisdom of the past with the new ideas that are being developed. Our optimism is boosted from an intuitive awareness that we are riding a wave of change.

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