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Sun 02° Gemini 04' 28"
Moon 21° Scorpio 44' 59"
Mercury 09° Taurus 40' 56"
Venus 28° Taurus 34' 46"
Mars 16° Aries 51' 53"
Ceres 21° Capricorn 22' 28" 
Pallas 28° Scorpio 11' 40" 
Juno 08° Virgo 54' 56"
Vesta 18° Cancer 14' 21"
Jupiter 29° Taurus 13' 48"
Saturn 18° Pisces 14' 00"
Chiron 21° Aries 50' 18"
Uranus 23° Taurus 38' 35"
Neptune 29° Pisces 29' 21"
Pluto 02° Aquarius 00' 44" 
TrueNode 14° Aries 48' 25" 

Gemini Full Moon

Gemini Full Moon - Individual Wisdom

"But you and I, we've been through that
And this is not our fate
So let us not talk falsely now
The hour is getting late"

The promise of the last New Moon in Scorpio (November 14th, 9:07 PM PST 23° Scorpio) may have seemed extremely slow to develop. In true Scorpio fashion, much has been kept undercover. Internal process have taken us through a wide variety of changes before the transformation is finally unmistakably apparent. Last week's lack of clear guidelines leads to this week's highly independent energy which may be determined but is also seriously unfocused. Nonetheless, by Thursday, when the Sun makes a healing trine to Chiron, we begin to recognize that our ultimate goal must be to bring our highly independent individualism into cooperative efforts. We are likely to feel tempted to take 'long shot' risks, especially if the frustration to move forward becomes overwhelming. Although we may gain important intuitive clues, we are quite vulnerable. We don't have enough clear information to take anything like a 'calculated risk'. If we examine our motivations close enough, and assess them honestly, we will begin to recognize that the lesson is both to trust ourselves and to allow others the room to trust themselves also. By next week's Gemini Full Moon (November 30th 1:29 AM 8° Gemini/Sagittarius), when Mercury reaches an important sextile to Saturn, we will finally gain our footing and understand how to better bring forward our individual wisdom in order to advance common efforts for the greater good. In essence, this week (and last week) offers important preparation for next week's Full Moon. What is important is to gain a clear-eyed understanding of our own individual situation — our strengths and our weaknesses — as well as learn how to recognize important connections and potential alliances with others. With awareness we will have the foundation we need in order to deal effectively with the truths that are revealed in the light of the next Full Moon. The challenges will be extraordinary but the more clues we have found this week, the better prepared we will be to deal with those challenges.

The stirred up energy and lack of focus is fraught with pitfalls on Sunday. Compassion and sincerity offers some soothing reassurance. Intuition is helpful on Monday but there is not enough clear information in order to act effectively. There is a temptation to take 'long shot' risks that would bring significant 'blow back'. We'll do better on Tuesday if we listen to our internal guidance systems and avoid trying to control others. Better 'focus' on Wednesday may be helpful but we may also run into relationship challenges as we realize that the direction others see may not be complimentary with our own direction. The Sun's healing trine to Chiron on Thursday helps us to recognize that our focus needs to return to building sturdy alliances and establishing cooperative initiatives. An important turning point is reached on Friday. We have the chance to recognize that our individual insight does not need to be abandoned in order to work in concert with others. By Saturday, the sense of responsibility begins to loom large when we get a glimpse the coming challenges.

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