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Sun 06° Pisces 38' 30"
Moon 00° Aries 10' 19"
Mercury 07° Pisces 12' 54" 
Venus 20° Aries 43' 17"
Mars 06° Capricorn 25' 01"
Ceres 09° Aquarius 54' 38"
Pallas 14° Capricorn 23' 09"
Juno 20° Libra 43' 36" 
Vesta 21° Taurus 57' 42"
Jupiter 18° Capricorn 45' 27"
Saturn 27° Capricorn 44' 53"
Chiron 03° Aries 42' 57"
Uranus 03° Taurus 31' 45"
Neptune 17° Pisces 57' 08"
Pluto 24° Capricorn 09' 02"
TrueNode 06° Cancer 25' 00" 

Venus-Neptune Conjunction

Venus-Neptune Conjunction - Creativity

"To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect."

— Jane Austen

There is a wealth of creativity and inspiration this week, fueled by the Venus-Neptune conjunction. However, the square from Mars may quickly inflate our expectations. We need some grounding if we are to have any hope of avoiding impatience and disappointment. Relationship difficulties may develop when we feel that we are being held back or don't feel the kind of support the we're hoping for. There is no lack of opinions but opinions aren't likely to hold or stand, due to the heightened placement of Neptune. The lack of clarity and certainty leads to suspicion. The strain on relationships draws much of our focus, especially early in the week. As we move through the week, the pressure seems to ease up significantly and we find some clear, tangible 'threads' of insight that fuels inspiration and encourages sharing. We find more enthusiasm for learning and sharing our insights with others. Our optimism is grounded through foundation building activities. Independence gains more support and we begin to feel the 'spirit of adventure', fostering increased determination and persistence. As Venus moves into sextiles to both Pluto and Saturn, we recognize how important it is to find 'like-minded' allies. With enough awareness, we will recognize that we are most vulnerable when we are isolated. We are in a time when new rules are being developed and new foundations are being laid. The confusion or suspicions that we must deal with this week may push us further toward that feeling of isolation if we don't recognize that we can only maintain our integrity by building collaborative alliances.

Sunday's Mars-Venus square leads to unsteady and unpredictable relationship dynamics. By Monday, inflated expectations bring impatience. Complications may blind us to simple but effective solutions. There may be some 'clean up' to do on Tuesday if our impatience has created any relationship 'wreckage'. If we take some time to listen we will find that the 'clean up process' is especially informative, restoring our inspiration and creativity. There are important new 'threads' to follow on Wednesday. Communication is particularly productive. Optimism is more realistic, open and natural. Creativity and insight brings a spirit of adventure on Thursday, which encourages us to make new connections with others and share our perspectives. We may stay 'on the fence' on Friday under the VOC Moon which lasts most of the day. Impulsiveness will only create further obstacles. We reach the productive 1st quarter lunar phase on Saturday. By embracing a cooperative spirit and maintaining patience, we will find tangible, cooperative support to lay foundations for future progress.

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