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Sun 28° Gemini 00' 53"
Moon 18° Scorpio 36' 00"
Mercury 03° Cancer 03' 14"
Venus 01° Cancer 52' 20"
Mars 07° Taurus 05' 10"
Ceres 18° Capricorn 02' 59" 
Pallas 21° Scorpio 30' 41" 
Juno 14° Virgo 33' 20"
Vesta 29° Cancer 30' 40"
Jupiter 05° Gemini 30' 45"
Saturn 19° Pisces 19' 37"
Chiron 22° Aries 55' 33"
Uranus 25° Taurus 07' 50"
Neptune 29° Pisces 52' 53"
Pluto 01° Aquarius 37' 40" 
TrueNode 12° Aries 44' 40" 

Weekly Horoscope: November 13 - November 19


Neptune-South Node - Wishful Thinking

Monday morning's Full Moon (5:51 AM PST 22° Taurus/Scorpio) sends us careening around a blind corner in an atmosphere that is full of restless impulsiveness. There is a strong sense of mission and purpose, inherited from last month's Scorpio New Moon. However, erratic and haphazard approaches could easily leave us off balance and unable to clearly see exactly where we are heading. The Neptune-South Node conjunction culminates this week, which produces the potential for some deleterious denial, self-deception and wishful thinking. Self-discipline and perseverance is called for. Determination and patience need to be applied to communication this week and the more time we spend listening, the more valuable we'll seem to be to others. The tendency to take things too seriously may also be quite a significant impediment to progress, particularly if we allow defensiveness to blind us to broader understanding. Neptune turns direct at the end of the week, opening the doors to more reliable intuitive guidance and steadying the flow of productive, creative inspiration.

Intensity builds all day Sunday, ahead of Monday morning's Full Moon. There is more courage than common sense so it may be hard to understand how things seem to fall into place so well. The Moon goes VOC following the Full Moon, creating some significant roadblocks, impatience and frustration. Our focus is scattered on Tuesday and increased excitement could lead to defensiveness. The Moon is VOC again for most of Wednesday and information is unreliable. The propensity for self-deception and wishful thinking peaks on Thursday in a highly theatrical environment that is full of flourish but short on substance. By Friday, self-interested skepticism helps begin to lead us out of a wilderness of misleading information. However, it isn't a graceful exit and vague innuendo that implies something is wrong only muddies the water but doesn't serve to set the record straight. A new inspiration begins to seep into our subconscious on Saturday, encouraging us to follow our own Bliss and set aside defensive bickering.

Daily Astrological Currents - Neptune-South Node - Weekly Horoscope

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