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Sun 24° Virgo 24' 43"
Moon 02° Taurus 02' 06"
Mercury 05° Libra 38' 13"
Venus 03° Libra 46' 04"
Mars 19° Virgo 21' 48"
Ceres 10° Sagittarius 06' 29"
Pallas 08° Scorpio 26' 59"
Juno 10° Virgo 51' 13"
Vesta 27° Taurus 30' 01"
Jupiter 16° Sagittarius 32' 37"
Saturn 13° Capricorn 54' 37" 
Chiron 04° Aries 04' 46" 
Uranus 06° Taurus 05' 28" 
Neptune 17° Pisces 06' 36" 
Pluto 20° Capricorn 41' 37" 
TrueNode 14° Cancer 44' 45" 

Weekly Horoscope: February 5 - February 11


Jupiter Retrograde - Unwinding Beliefs

Jupiter stations to go retrograde at the beginning of this week, beginning a process of unwinding the sources of a complicated set of beliefs, ideals and intentions. With Jupiter retrograde in Libra, we need to look for ways to better distinguish our own beliefs and opinions from those that are actually only of concern to others. We can only effectively work in cooperation with others when we bring our own, unique perspective to the equation. We'll need to work very hard this week to identify our own unique beliefs, goals, ideals and intentions, separating out efforts that are only seeking to please the concerns and intentions of others. The issues may also involve figuring out how to directly and explicitly identify what we expect, need or want from others. If we believe that others are holding us back but can't clearly articulate the basis of our frustration, we may be completely stymied by this week's atmosphere. To the extent that we are successful in this unwinding process, finding a way to clearly articulate our own unique perspective and what we really want, Friday's extraordinarily powerful and expansive Full Moon (4:32 PM PST 22° Leo/Aquarius), will offer us an unshakeable foundation from which we can launch a variety of new initiatives. Nonetheless, the process of sorting through our individual beliefs will continue throughout the Spring.

The Moon's square to Neptune on Sunday could produce a moody air of frustration if we can't find a way to directly address what we would like to see or hear from others. We may continue to feel a bit 'held back' on Monday. There is a conservative inclination to wait to hear from as many different sources as possible before we strike out on our own with independent action. However, we not get as much information as we'd like. Mercury arrives in Aquarius on Tuesday, getting us 'off the dime' and moving forward with self-determined, independent action. Nonetheless, we are still likely to keep an eye on the responses of those closest to us. If we can achieve a certain level of comfort, Wednesday provides support for productive, honest cooperation and increased clarity. Cooperative effort and productive alliances gain further support on Thursday. There's so much energy in the atmosphere that some may get a bit restless and push a bit too hard trying to please others. Friday's Full Moon is a remarkable powerhouse, providing a solid foundation for self-directed, individual initiatives, backed up with solid cooperative alliances. We may see a somewhat chaotic readjustment on Saturday as we scramble to adapt to the heightened levels of self-confidence. Brashness needs to be tempered with humility in order to stay effective.

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